Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Conscious Events Salon



Behold Salon and Kasia introduced me to the inspiring and beautiful world of Kundalini yoga. The space is small and the atmosphere is warm, generous and very open. It has been an interesting journey to practise self discipline through a process which always remains highly creative. Previously I had thought that one would inhibit the other but this speaks to me. It's the perfect combination and one I will continue to be inspired by 

at Behold. 


I absolutely LOVE Kasia's Kundalini classes. I've been a student 

of yoga for 20 years but have not experienced anything quite like hers. She radiates peace and calm and guides you on both challenging and tranquil experiences that will change your day (and possibly your life).


After the first introductory class, I experienced a transformation of energy. From work related pressures to a feeling of centred calm.  After 6 weeks of classes I became aware of strong creative energy, and I was turning ideas into actions.  Two years on I practice once a week and sometimes more, looking forward each time  to delving a little deeper internally and returning with clarity and resolve. 


For the past year or so I have been attending Kundalini Yoga classes at Kasia's studio. The high ceiling, warm natural light, soothing incense & Eilish's meows feel like home almost - there is a special energy at the studio. Through the practice under Kasia's guidance I have developed increased self awareness, learned breathing techniques to help with anxiety, & have challenged myself physically, mentally & spiritually. I am grateful for Kasia's teachings so far & look forward to continuing my practice. 

Sat Nam.